In this cyber-era, security is not restricted to the to the outer world, but also the inside, I think it’s more from insiders than outsiders. Security is nothing but the metaphor to make us secure. I believe there’s no 100% security because there’s always a threat somewhere waiting to breach it. Few things seem to progress faster than technology, and despite its inexorable march forward, security always seems to be a generation behind. As our society and industry becoming more and more dependent on internet-connected devices, and the online world becoming a central and underlying component of the physical world, the importance of cybersecurity increases commensurately. It’s not denying that the internet has revolutionized how the world is moving, even we can live without food and shelter but not without the internet; every technology comes with the potential risks, so does the internet. The technology cropped up an abundance of cybercrimes since 2006 and destroyed many lives; do you know cybercrime cost will reach $6 trillion annually by 2021, this will be the most significant transfer of economic wealth in the history and more profitable than illegal drug-dealings. We, have started the journey back in 2014 with an aim to widen our knowledge of cybersecurity with the global users. Our vision is to create awareness among internet fanatics and protect their online privacy, keeping them updated and yes, to let them enjoy online freedom without compromising identities. Our crucial expertise falls across three categories; Cybersecurity, Cyber Privacy, and the most important, internet freedom, offering guidance via articles. We firmly believe that our presence in the cyber world is just like our DNA, and it’s our responsibility to manage and control it, rather than giving the scammers an open playground to test his/her skills. Let’s dive into each genre, respectively. Cyber Security Although cybersecurity has never been simple, as attacks are evolving every day, and attackers are becoming so inventive that at times it’s quite impossible to identify the presence of scam in the system. But there’s always a way out, and this is where our passion shines. Cybersecurity includes technologies, processes, and controls that are primarily designed to protect our systems, networks, and data from cyber-attacks. Cyber attacks directly disrupt and cause considerable reputational and financial damage, no matter it’s you and me or any resilient organization. In a cyber attack, your assets, reputation, and credibility, and at times potentially face regulatory fines and litigation — with costs of remediation. So, what to do to reduces the risk of cyber attacks from the unauthorized exploitation of systems, networks, and technologies; our expertise says, use a VPN. Don’t know VPN? You will find an abundance of articles on our website, which are only dealing with a detailed analysis of all the famous and less popular VPN providers. All our VPN reviews are well researched and well tested; to let you make the right decision. Cyber Privacy Your data- your rights! This is what we preach and follow the ideology while sharing our train of thoughts on our blogs. As we all know, that we are being logged every time we connect to the world wide web and the data is being archived, that can be repurposed and provided to the third parties; we never know when our Facebook post can be used against us. Our online presence is like our address, and that makes it easier for anyone to reach us, our Social media presence knows us more than we know ourselves. The Facebook latest controversy is not that old enough to forget; we should take the control in our hands, it’s our right to keep our privacy intact no matter how open we are towards our social media profiles. To help users with their internet privacies, we proudly claim that we offer competencies in the form of how-tos, tips, and guides, to prevent your privacy from being exposed and keep you protected. You will find a massive list of articles about securing privacies; we know how to keep your identity anonymous and away from prying eyes. We all know that our life is being clouded, whatever we post, share, like, or even comment, all going to the cloud. Do you want your picture to get viral? You not to prevent your cloud storage from being hacked, we keep sharing different blogs to inform our readers about the latest hacks and preventive measures to take for keeping their storage private. Internet Freedom Imagine you decided to stream your favorite Netflix originals’ Sense aid’, and you’re redirected to a black page, refusing your access; means your region is blacked out. Be it UFC, MMA, NFL and even streaming channels like; BBC iPlayer, ABC, CBS, etc. are geographically bounded, you can only access in the given region and blacked out in the rest of the world. Why is it so? That’s not a matter of concern, but how to unblock is. To help users evading censorships and regional restrictions, we have covered almost all the major sporting events, including football, hockey, ice hockey, racing, wrestling, and many more, regarding global access. In every blog related to sports, you will find the easiest way to bypass regional restrictions, and yes, we never neglect our beloved Kodi community while dealing with blackouts. Read our guides and watch anything from anywhere, without compromising your comfort zone. So, forget censorships and start viewing whatever you want on your favorite screen. What’s holding the future? The journey we started will take it to the newer heights and newer arenas. Still, our aim will be static -keep creating awareness among internet users and make internet experience uber-secure. Don’t know more about cyber-security? You’re welcome to join our growing family; let’s raise hands for not letting anyone intrude in our cyber world. phim sex porn film porno porno star porn jav phim phim sex porn film porno porno star porn jav phim phim sex porn film porno porno star porn jav phim phim sex porn film porno porno star porn jav phim

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